How will digital marketing evolve in 2020 & beyond

Ever since, digitalization process has begun, not only consumers but brands too have experienced swift changes in marketing. Digital marketing was soon to become the love of every brand, given high conversion rates with low cost marketing. Plus, digital marketing would make you brand just as very quickly and you could start with minimal budgets.

However, there’s nothing constant in digital marketing except success. Here’s how digital marketing in 2020 will take shift from some traditional practices to more user centric approaches.

Content marketing becomes the new king:

You must have heard “content is king”, I am going to tweak it a little with “content marketing is the new king”. If you are starting out a business and have plans to digitally market your business, make content marketing your top priority.

You should even keep it above SEO & paid advertisement. Although, content marketing widely is part of both, however, I am specifically talking about in terms of putting efforts.

For example, you can generate content that can help consumers in your niche. Mostly blog articles can rank faster than money keywords, so you can classify these in terms of growth hacking. Plus, generating such content regularly will also help you in getting much needed SEO rankings. Here are some of the great types of content marketing that can be suitable for majority businesses.

From keyword research to intent research in SEO:

The latest big change to Google’s search ranking methodology is BERT.