Want to rank up your website in Google?

SERP Klick’s SEO services in Lahore, Pakistan will do the job.

Search Engine Optimization is the money factor in today’s world. There is no expectation of growth without being able to conquer Google SERP’s. SERP Klicks is just the right resource for you to take your rankings and web optimization game to the next level where no competitor has ever been.


Keywords Research

It starts with reading searcher’s mind for what keywords they are typing to find a resource. At SERP Klicks we have mastered in reading customer’s mind. So, let us find some highly convertible keywords for you.

On-Page Optimization

The next step is to build relevancy in keywords and your pages. Our on-page optimization tactics make sure every chunk of your website is perfectly relevant for search engine spiders as well as visitors.

Off-Page Optimization

We now skyrocket your brand to appear in most relevant and authoritative places on the internet for off-page optimization. We work to make brands so, each effort will be done keeping business in mind.

Advance Link Building Strategy

Link Building is the backbone of SEO, Our link building strategies are most advanced. We build links that are highly relevant & from authority sites that bring traffic as well as customers.

CTR Optimization

Congratulations!!! you’ve got a place in SERP’s, now is the time to boost CTR and make sure Rank Brain is helping our site achieve even higher rankings & stay there. With SERP Klicks @ your side, it’s no hard to achieve.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is “mother of brands”. We know how to make brands and we are super excited to make yours too. Drop us an email and see the branding take place in hours.

Our Pricing Plans

Choose from our most affordable pricing plans
$39 /month
5 Campaigns
300 Keyword Rankings
250,000 Crawled Pages
1,000 Keyword Reports
$59 /month
10 Campaigns
750 Keyword Rankings
500,000 Crawled Pages
5,000 Keyword Reports
Email Support
$99 /month
25 Campaigns
1,900 Keyword Rankings
1,250,000 Crawled Pages
15,000 Keyword Reports
Email Support
Live chat Support

Not Enough For Your SEO Needs?

Want to add more projects/ keywords/ pages to analyze?


How long before we start seeing results?

SEO is a long-term strategy. Depending on the niche and competition the timeframe may vary, however in 3-4 months you will start seeing results.

Do you guarantee results?

Yess! We guarantee that you will be able to achieve Google 1st page rankings.

What is your reporting schedule?

We value our customer’s satisfaction, and we work as a part of your team. We will report weekly and monthly.

SEO changes everyday, how you make sure what you are doing is updated?

Our SEO experts have in-depth knowledge of SEO, we conduct searches and work with search engines for the betterment of SEO, therefore, we always have prior knowledge of what’s going to be the legit in SEO.

SERP Klick’s is among the leading SEO companies in Lahore, Pakistan. Our SEO experts have extensive knowledge & expertise in ranking websites at the highest levels. Our search engine optimization services are specifically re-designed for every client that on-board with us.

Based in Lahore, SERP Klicks has built an incredible local and international clientele. Not only do we provide SEO services in Lahore, But SERP Klick’s now work with some of the leading brands of the world.

Why are you not cheap?

At SERP Klicks we do not believe in just selling our services, rather we believe in making brands & fostering relationships that last forever. Therefore, our search engine optimization process is highly professional & penalty proof. The reason we are not cheap is that we with our highly scalable SEO services can guarantee results.

What’s included in our SEO plan?

SERP Klicks is #1 among best SEO services in Pakistan. If you are in search of absolute best, we are a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. Each search engine optimization plan is delivered after detailed niche & website audit, therefore the action plan delivered might change.

  • Keywords Research
  • Website Technical Audit
  • Niche Audit
  • On-Page optimization
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Off-page optimization
  • Link building using advanced concepts (Broken link building, link baiting, link roundups & more).
  • Conversion tracking & CTR optimization
  • Google search console setup
  • Google analytics

Remember brands are built by targeting an audience the right way, while SEO is a one-way strategy, our digital marketing services help you get even more from every digital platform.