E-commerce mistakes by Pakistani stores
07Jan, 2019

Local e-commerce stores are making no-profit

Do you agree to what i said? If not, the facts here will make you. If yes, read it to end as I have given the solution to it too.

There is no denying that Pakistani e-commerce market is growing very fast. The entrance of Ali Baba is an example of it. However, if we look at the number of sales big online stores are making and compare it with local stores, there is a big difference. Why is that, what local stores are doing wrong because of which they are not able to scale their e-commerce store to the top 10? Here we have diagnosed the problem and are also sharing the solution to it.

“The visitors will come automatically” mentality:

The biggest mistake I have noticed so far in most e-commerce entrepreneurs in Pakistan is this mentality. The visitors will not come automatically, let me present some facts before you. There are about 1,945,587,086 websites (that’s 1.9 billion), according to Internet Live Stats. Talking of Pakistani e-commerce contribution to this number, Daraz alone has 4million+ pages. You are just a very little addition to this planet of the internet.

What needs to be done?

Building an online store and filling it with products is not enough, you need to understand the journey ahead of you. The website launch is the most important step in this regard. Also, you can’t deny the importance of digital marketing. Therefore, you need to have the backing of a pioneer digital marketing company in Pakistan, such as SERP Klicks. We have helped 5+ e-commerce stores to boost sales by 50% in just 6 months. Do you want to increase your sales too, contact us at admin@serpk.com or call now: 03111487116.

Using standard SEO practices:

Another mistake that most local e-commerce stores in Pakistan make are using standard SEO practices. The importance of SEO for businesses is paramount and we all know about it. Still, most entrepreneurs in Pakistan are reluctant to spend much on traditional marketing and not much on digital marketing. Therefore, entrepreneurs choose standard SEO packages that do not offer much of a speedy rankings boost as needed for an e-commerce store.

Essentials for an SEO optimized E-commerce store:

  • SEO optimized website structure (Internal linking, 3-step product visibility)
  • Canonical tags & 301 redirects to cater duplicate content issues.
  • Product meta titles + meta description. (Mistake made by 90% local e-commerce stores in Pakistan)
  • Content marketing: The most important thing for all e-commerce stores is content marketing and it’s a mistake made by 95% local e-commerce startups in Pakistan.
  • Social proof.
  • An organic branding campaign to increase buyers trust on the store.

SERP Klick’s specialized E-commerce SEO packages in Pakistan for local stores offer the ultimate value, a speedy & reliable rankings boost and much more.

Having no or misleading social proof:

Social proof is one of the most important factors that enables store owners to convert their visitors better. Although companies invest in search engine optimization, most of them do not spend as much as they should on social media marketing.

Also, it is very important to give equal importance to all social media. Most local e-commerce stores in Pakistan neglect the power the Twitter, where it can prove to be of massive growth.


Another important thing in getting social proofing for your e-commerce store is getting reviews. However, all most all new stores do it wrong. We all know the importance of reviews and how these can help in converting website visitors. However, if done wrong way these also can reverse the procedure.

How you should get reviews?

When you are first starting don’t go our hard on anything. You can ask real customers to review the products however, there is no need to overdo any reviews and try to fake it up.

Making it a marketplace:

Although marketplaces are easy to establish, these are not easy to manage. Most local startups in Pakistan, copy the likes of daraz or homeshopping while these are established sites and have everything to manage a large number of vendors, products, and catalog. During the start, keep the burden minimum, don’t just right away onboard too many wholesalers. Rather, choose only products that matter to visitors.


E-commerce is the fastest growing industry in Pakistan. But, the competition is also too much. Here is a complete guide on how to start an e-commerce business in Pakistan. You need to rely much on SEO and SMM services in Pakistan.

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