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Are you a local business, startup, or an e-commerce company looking to boost their presence in Google. Search engine marketing is the best way to start earning profit right after the business launch. SERP Klicks offers SEM services in Pakistan, contact us now & we’ll guarantee you the highest place in Google’s SERP’s. Our SEM expert in Lahore are famous for their magic in ranking websites, optimizing Ad copies, boost CTR, increasing conversion & boosting ROI. If you want any of the these, we are the best resource on the internet.

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Why hire SEM expert in Lahore?

Reach Right Audience

We help our customers reach the right audience who are willing and ready to spend, hence sky-rocketing your potential to sell.

Reach More Clients

We help our customers reach more clients who are exactly looking to what you are offering them.

Multiply Conversions

@ SERP Klicks we help businesses multiply conversion by reaching the right audience @ right time and with right plan.

For All Your Google Ads Campaign

Google is the best place where you can meet seller for any product/service that you are selling. SERP Klicks knows the art of bringing you & buyers together with our search engine marketing (SEM) services. We dedicate a team of SEM experts in Lahore dedicated solely for your business. It’s like hiring an in-house employee @ lesser costs. So, hurry up and don’t miss much of your clients.

  • Increase website ranking
  • CTR optimized ad copies
  • Increase conversion
  • Boost ROI

How we do search engine marketing for you

How SERP Klick's SEM expert in Lahore, helps you get business world wide.


During plan, we identify the best possible keyword phrases to bridge gap between you and your customers.

Campaign Structure

Based on experience we structure your campaigns with best SEM practices that boost Ad score and CTR.


Now is the time to implement your campaign, we with our experience ensure best & optimized campaign launch.

Measure & Improve

We maximize your ROI by constantly optimizing & improving campaigns after they are launched.

Our Pricing Plans

Choose from our most affordable SEM service pricing plans
$39 /month
5 Campaigns
300 Keyword Rankings
250,000 Crawled Pages
1,000 Keyword Reports
$59 /month
10 Campaigns
750 Keyword Rankings
500,000 Crawled Pages
5,000 Keyword Reports
Email Support
$99 /month
25 Campaigns
1,900 Keyword Rankings
1,250,000 Crawled Pages
15,000 Keyword Reports
Email Support
Live chat Support

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Top SEM service in Pakistan:

We do not claim to be the number 1, rather these our client reviews and recommendations that make us #1. We are proud to have worked with top brands in Pakistan. Do you want to be the next biggest brand in Pakistan??? Our SEM services in Pakistan are for you.

Why hire SERP Klicks for search engine marketing?

SERP Klicks is the largest and fastest growing digital marketing agency in Pakistan, we have served over 100’s of clients and counting. SERP Klicks has been transforming the search engine results pages according to its client’s requests by SEO & SMM. We have extensive experience in optimizing ad copies for maximized click, better CTR and enhanced ROI.