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Attract Right Audience

Want to boost your sales via social media? Targeting the right audience is paramount. At SERP Klicks we start our SMM services by targeting the right audience for your campaigns in the very first place.


Engage your audience

More than 53% of social media users are engaged with brands. SERP Klick’s social media marketing services make sure you get full advantage & highly engaged audience from these social platforms.


Grow & covert audience

The biggest challenge brands face is converting & growing social media client base. At SERP Klick’s we make sure you are converting & growing with the full potential of your brand.

Why SERP Klicks for social media marketing in Pakistan?

Social Media Marketing is a guaranteed growth strategy in today’s competitive world of business. SERP Klicks is #1 among social media marketing companies in Lahore, Pakistan. We offer SMM services for top social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube. Hurry Up & contact now if you are ready to start selling the next hour of your business launch.

How Our social media marketing services unfold?

A breakdown of how we help you convert social media users.


Every successful SMM campaign starts with extensive audience research & planning. SERP Klicks being the top Social Media Marketing company in Pakistan plans, researches & digs out highly targeted audience from all social media users.


The next step is to build highly engaging content that will addict user to take an action. Facebook marketing in Lahore with SERP Klicks lets you create right content that will persuade users to take an action.


Now is the time to run your campaign in full swing. Social media marketing in Pakistan with SERP Klicks enables you to get rid of a headache while we implement the SMM campaign and are responsible for results.


SERP Klicks is #1 social media marketing company in Pakistan for a reason. We do not just implement the best practices rather we test them continuously until reaching perfection.

Our social media marketing pricing plans

Best social media marketing packages in Lahore, Pakistan
$39 /month
5 Campaigns
300 Keyword Rankings
250,000 Crawled Pages
1,000 Keyword Reports
$59 /month
10 Campaigns
750 Keyword Rankings
500,000 Crawled Pages
5,000 Keyword Reports
Email Support
$99 /month
25 Campaigns
1,900 Keyword Rankings
1,250,000 Crawled Pages
15,000 Keyword Reports
Email Support
Live chat Support

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Why SERP Klicks is #1 in all social media marketing companies in Lahore, Pakistan?

SERP Klicks has been offering social media marketing services for 10 long years. In our 10 years of long experience, we have worked with tens of hundreds of clients, each with their own problem & we have offered them viable solutions, that our customers cherish upon.

Moreover, we have an expert team of social media marketers who know the brick & mortar to win the SERP & social media games. Are you satisfied yet, let’s order now from us.

It’s not just a claim, rather our reviews and recommendations tell you the story. SERP Klicks has earned a top spot in social media management + social media marketing with help of highly dedicated SMM and SMO team. Our SMM experts burn the midnight oil to make your business a success, like it’s our own.

Why hire SERP Klick?

There are so many Social media marketing service companies in Pakistan & Lahore specifically. SERP Klicks is a nationwide brand and our service cross borders with an extra bit of professionalism & expertise. We are not cheap but we guarantee results; because good things come with a price. The only thing cheap is compromise & you find it somewhere else.