Content writing is the essence of any digital campaign or product. With an understandable & easy to read content, user can make better decision and understanding about the product. These 5 content writing tips will help you build a readership that will read your articles again and again.

Content writing tips for beginners:

Write short paragraphs & lines:

One of the most painful thing for any reader is to consume a content that is written in longer paragraphs. It will certainly take more effort to digest such a content.

Just for example, how you feel about reading this line & the paragraph below it.

Writing short paragraphs is mandatory to keep the users interest alive. While it also helps the reader to understand the concept very easily. Also, by writing shorter paragraphs you can very easily structure your content in heading & subheadings, which is also our content tip # 3 for beginners. Writing short paragraphs also makes your content & call to actions separated from each other.

Short lines are also productive & easily understandable. Generally, a line should consist of only 20 words and not more.

Use conversational tone:

Writing tone is very important. Whether you are writing for technical publications or simply a lifestyle article, the tone is the most affective part of any content piece.

It should always feel conversational when a user is reading any piece whether on digital platform or in form of a book.

BTW, do you feel i am using a conversational tone here?

If i do, a comment will tell me about this.

Create a connection between paragraphs:

To keep reader connected to your content, you need to build it piece by piece. The structure is important as well. But, if all the pieces are not tied together, reader may get bored of it.

So, always write your content in a way that, each line, paragraph or heading are interlinked and compliment each other.

To do this better, you should structure your content into sub topics & then write.

Research, is the key to being productive while writing content as well.

Use graphics:

Have you ever noticed that almost all big publication do not only rely on written content. Rather, they use graphics as a part of the writing job.

Content writing services also rely on building so much with graphics.

Remember, a picture can describe a 1000 thousand words. A concept that may require, 1000 words to explain in words, could only be achieved via a single picture or a video.

However, written content has its own importance as well.

Use examples:

Ever wonder why marketing agencies focus too much on examples and citations. Not only this, but search engines will also promote the content that has citations.

One simple reason, citations & quoting verified sources will only increase the weightage and trust worthiness of your content.

What example did i use in my list of these content writing tips, if you were able to find it, you have found the sweet spot about writing the best content that will build your readership.