“SEO is a queen and trust is a king, with them, you can get the leadership of search’s kingdom.”

Undoubtedly, 50% of website traffic is the result of organic search; for this, you have to implement effective SEO tactics. But how can marketers say SEO is successful? How do the large companies with tons of keywords and pages compete with others? The answer to all the questions is implementing enterprise SEO!

Enterprise SEO requires high-level, comprehensive strategies to improve revenue for large organizations. Let’s scroll and see how to implement enterprise SEO tactics and how they work for your agency!

What Is Enterprise SEO?

In enterprise SEO, you use SEO strategies to improve your online presence and revenue for large organizations. These tactics should be scalable for thousands of web pages, helping you improve your ranking on search engines. Enterprise SEO consists of four pillars:

  • Technical SEO
  • Error and project management
  • Relationship building 
  • Analysis and reporting

Let’s see why enterprise SEO is important.

Importance of Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is important for larger organizations to;

  • Maintain organic rankings
  • Keep track of organic traffic
  • Enhance UX and lead and revenue generation. 
  • Drive more organic traffic
  • Create brand awareness
  • Stay competitive in this digital landscape

What are the enterprise SEO challenges, and how do we diminish them? Keep scrolling!

Enterprise Seo Challenges

The most common issues that affect enterprise SEO are;

  • Outdated and duplicate content
  • New products are going out of stock frequently 
  • Enormous user-generated content

To navigate enterprise SEO challenges;

  • Sell the importance of search/get buy-in for SEO.
  • Perform effective planning for projects and resources.
  • Generate reports by comparing your revenue with competitors.
  • Organize enterprise SEO team.
  • Find your SEO evangelists and properly train your SEO team.

Tips to Implement Enterprise SEO

Before implementing enterprise SEO tactics,

  • Audit your marketing efforts
  • Set up your SMART goals
  • Find out the ways to improve your efforts
  • Map out the plan to achieve your goals

After setting up a plan, implement these enterprise SEO strategies, which include;

  1. Outsource to a third-party:
    One of the best way enterprises can optimize for SEO is outsourcing to a third party digital marketing service. SEO requires a lot of efforts & expertise. Not only that but SEO rules are always changing. Even if you have expertise and keeping yourself abreast of the all the changes happening in the SEO landscape, it is highly unlikely for you to keep pace with the competitors & keep a firm look on their strategies. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to outsource your SEO to a third party.
    But, should you choose to DIY, following are some importance optimizations you need to implement.
  2. Optimize Page Speed
    The first and foremost thing in enterprise SEO is to optimize your page speed. Test your website speed with Google PageSpeed or another tool and improve it by reducing redirects, compressing images, and caching your web pages.
  3. Organize Your Content
    Another effective strategy is to divide your content into subdomains. The subdomain can accommodate the bulk of content and is a kind of website hierarchy, working under the root directory and eliminating the need to use folders. It is a website on its own and contains its template, content management system, analytics tools, and much more.
    Subdomains improve user experience, SEO, and engagement rates, making it effective for your company.
  4. Optimize Old Content
    To make your enterprise SEO effective, you must keep your content accurate and up-to-date. Optimizing old content is a delicate process, as you can lose the pages containing high backlinks and page authority. So before refreshing your content, preserve those pages, implement scalable SEO strategies, and find out which pages/content need to be optimized.
  5. Perform Competitive Analysis
    Perform competitive analysis to figure out what strategies, keywords, and topics your competitors are targeting. Analyze competitors’ sites and their on-page SEO tactics thoroughly, and after this, evaluate your site and implement changes accordingly.
  6. Create Valuable And Quality Content
    Compelling and high-quality content is an important part of enterprise SEO. Evaluate high-ranking keywords, develop a content marketing strategy, and implement image alt-text, snippets, etc., taking your website to the next level.
  7. Select Strategic Keywords
    Desired and relevant keyword selection is a bit difficult, but it is an important part of ranking. Conduct regular keyword research, identify content gaps and competitive & least competitive terms, figure out user’s search intent, and optimize your site accordingly.
  8. Perform Link Building
    On an enterprise level, link building is more complex as you need pages with more backlinks to drive more organic traffic. Performing link-building enhances your brand authority and makes it reliable and trustworthy among others.
  9. Use Automation
    The critical aspect of enterprise SEO tactics is to use automation. It helps you in SEO tasks such as identifying areas for improvements, keyword research, analyzing meta titles & descriptions, tags, quality backlinks, and much more. It also helps you in project management and makes your whole process scalable.
  10. Implement Technical SEO
    In enterprise SEO, you must also manage your technical SEO. For this;

    1. Use 301 redirects
    2. Eliminate technical issues to make crawlability easy.
    3. Index your pages
    4. Fix broken links and maintain URL structure for future expansion.
    5. Implement schema mark-up
    6. Set up sitemaps
    7. Run log file analysis
  11. Do Internal Linking
    Internal linking is an essential pillar of enterprise SEO, clustering content linking. Perform internal linking strategically, helping Google index all pages accurately and improving your site’s ranking in search engines.

The Verdict

Enterprise SEO is a future for large organizations. So, you must implement effective enterprise SEO tactics to protect your most ranked pages and current domain authority. Enterprise SEO helps in content marketing, getting more quality backlinks and much more, taking your organization to the next level.

So, read enterprise SEO strategies carefully, implement them, and grow your business like no other!