How to drive traffic to your website? Here you will get a lot of methods or tricks on driving traffic to new website or increasing traffic of an old website.

Although there are a lot of digital marketing trends you can leverage in your strategy, if you are a beginner or a businessman trying to get more of your digital assets, here you can find out how to drive traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is the best bet for any businessman to get loads of traffic to your website while spending not much on the marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Marketing.

There are billions of websites on internet that publish information on specific or general topics. How do search engines rank this information. This is made possible by SEO.

There are a certain set of rules & factors that different search engines apply to their algorithm to find out how & what website to rank on a specific query. Following these SEO guidelines by search engines you can get your website ranked on any search engine & get free traffic to your website.

However, search engine optimization is a long process and gives results after a specific period of time. If you are an entrepreneur, it is not a good idea to get involved in SEO yourself. Rather, you can hire an SEO company like SERP Klicks, who can get you the required results. Also, there are some unique and high end ways to utilize this marketing method, for example you can leverage virtual reality in your SEO, here’s how.

However, sometimes you need instant results, so you need to move fast & here is when our second strategy comes in to play.

Digital Marketing or Paid Marketing:

Commonly known as PPC or Pay Per Click, is a marketing method where you can pay search engines or websites to put ads on your website, where you can drive traffic to your website.

Remember, paid marketing yields instant results for any business, but it gives results only if you are spending money. The moment you stop spending money, your online traffic stops, no matter, how good or beneficial it was. Contrary to this SEO yields results that can bring traffic even after a long time.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing & all tech giants offer different paid marketing models for any brand or company to market products or services online. This is how you can drive instant traffic to your website as well as get lots of business deals & conversions.

Business Example: Let’s say you want to market window cleaning business. Running local search engine ads when someone searches for window cleaning services in you local area could be the most promising way to get ahead of the competitors.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is another great way to drive traffic to your website. Not only this but SMM allows you to connect with your audience and know how they perceive your business.

Build a social media profile or page, like Facebook page, Twitter profile and start sharing company news, new offers, upcoming events, & information that would be useful for the customers.

If you are a business brand, sharing customer reviews is a great step to build brand recognition.

Create polls, ask questions, recommendations from your audience to engage them with your brand.

Search topics that bring organic traffic:

Digital marketing has evolved manifold. Content marketing has become lifeline for business. Our digital marketing website SERP Klicks gets 60% of its website traffic with content marketing & other topics that are related to our niche.

While there are many content marketing strategies out there, one of the basic steps for each is to search topics that can bring a lot of traffic & are relevant as well.

Here’s how you can find these topics:

You can use the following keyword research tools:

  1. Google Keywords Planner
  2. Semrush Keyword Magic tool
  3. Ahref’s Keyword Explorer

Type a few relevant keywords or questions in these tools & these will return a number of searched keywords on internet.


Buzzsumo is a great content research tool you can use to find out highly useful content in your niche.

How will digital marketing evolve in 2023 & beyond

Build Reputation in communities:

Communities or forums are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Start building your community and authority on these websites.

Start answering questions & be a part of debates & build your reputation. Do not share links instantly but when and where are necessary.

Also, it is important to know how to conduct your branded impression. Here is complete information about brand positioning for your business, you can understand its importance & learn how to implement it in your marketing.


Quora is a great platform to start driving start to your new website instantly. People ask questions on quora community for help on different issues. With a little bit of search you can find a lot of question regarding your niche.

Do not simply spam answer the question. Write a well crafted and researched answer that can help the user get what is required. You can add links to your website but where necessary only. Do not make it look like a click bait.

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