Digital marketing is ever evolving to become fruitful for advertisers as well as consumers. Digital marketing trends in 2023 are shaping the future of marketing and how reality is driving the new way of marketing.

Digital Marketing trends in 2023:

Since internet become world wide popular and connected masses, opportunities are doubling every day. For consumers it is helping find the best services / products in just clicks. For advertisers, reaching to certain audience is easy.

However, digital marketing is also driving by certain trends that our society adopts. Ever since first digital campaign to sell products online, the landscape has changed manifold.

Nowadays, content marketing is taking over all sorts of marketing. And positioning your brand with the right message has become the most important to distinguish your brand from the crowd.

Here we are taking the digital marketing trends to watch in 2023:

Video is the new engagement:

Ever wonder how Tiktok was able to beat Facebook & other social giants with so minimal features? It was the power of video.

People of 2023 are addicted to watching great quality videos.

Almost all social giants are now offering features that can introduce short videos.

And audience is liking all these, reasons being:

  1. Video is easy to understand.
  2. Communicates the message properly.
  3. Is addicting and attention grabbing.
  4. Can convey strong call to action.

Are you leveraging the power of video in your content marketing strategy types? If not, don’t miss 48% of your valuable customers.

Here’s an example for small businesses to do it:

How to market window cleaning business with video? you can simply record videos while you are working for this new client. Upload it to all social platforms and show, what was the problem the client was facing & how you were able to solve it. This way, you can show your work quality. Also, your video can attract people who have similar problems.

Become a meme:

Social media is filled with memes head to toe. The folks here just roast every new meme format that pops out the surface.

Need an example?

Remember, “Pawri Ho rai hai” girl? she is now famous and has got 100% more followers on internet than she had in the past.

Just about today, i’ve got an email from FoodPanda, with “Pawri” word in their subject line. And i was forced to read it.

If you are not making memes in your social media marketing? You are loosing eyeballs for your brand.

Your marketing message is more important than ever:

Internet is making people smart. Nowadays, buyers are so much aware of their purchase decisions that bombarding them with ads is only waste of money.

What works today is “great content”.

Content marketing has become so powerful because people do not want to see ads, they want solutions to their problems. Products that can solve their issues.

If you are going into market with creative as “We are the biggest solar panels company”, people would not give a damn about it.

To market today, tell them what your product or service can do or has done.

“Over 1200 solar panel installations all over Pakistan” is a more attractive copy for today’s customers.

Ask your content writing company to writing content for you that engages & sells the readers, not annoys.

Create content that matters:

Do you like watching multiple ads on YouTube? I am pretty sure, the answer would be NO.

But, how much time do you spend watching videos over the internet. Most of these videos are either solving your problems or are entertaining you.

But, do you prefer watching an ad of the same company or a video that says “5 apps to manage your financial issues”.

Marketing is all about creating unique content experience in your customer buyer journey. This way they will be able to distinguish you easily within th crowd. Visit this blog post that i wrote about how to leverage virtual reality in your marketing.