In the digital age, we are in, customers for any type of business are present anywhere digitally. You can never underestimate any digital platforms’ potential to bring digital clients for a company.

This is where content marketing comes to play its part, helping businesses & advertisers a way to reach out to potential customers on a variety of platforms.

Content marketing is one of the most diverse and result oriented digital marketing strategies. However, creating one for your business could be a heavy task. There are all sorts of content that works for some industries and businesses, choosing the one that works for you requires some testing.

However, here SERP Klicks, a digital marketing company in Pakistan is sharing 10 proven types of content marketing strategies to skyrocket your website rankings in the search engine. Not only website traffic but these content marketing strategies also help in conversions and brand awareness.


If you are thinking that writing blog content is not relevant or useful for your business, rethink your strategy. By far, blogging is the number one content marketing strategy for any kind of business or niche whatsoever.

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How to do content marketing via blogging for any niche?

More than 92% of businesses are doing content marketing via blogging. Content blogging is the best content marketing strategy for any business. However, how to do it effectively for your business is a question. Here’s how to master blogging:

  • Find relevant questions about products, services or niche you are working in.
  • Find keywords asking for information regarding products/services.
  • Write informational posts and tips enabling users/customers to better take advantage of a product or service.
  • Educated humans about a particular service.

These are all sorts of blogs you can produce in a niche. For example, to tell potential SME’s who are interested in starting their own eCommerce store here’s a post on our blog about “how to start eCommerce business in Pakistan”. Further, write insightful information that educates users as well as also mentions about the brand.


Videos are my favorite content marketing strategy. Videos really help in engaging customers. Studies suggest that around 60% of people are more likely to engage with video content rather than other types. The best way to engage customers in any niche is to make a video and blog on the same topic and then interlink all those contents together to drive traffic. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. This fact alone is enough to prove the importance of video content for a business.

How to do content marketing via videos?

Now that you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and it is a video platform, it is a clear sign that people love to engage with information presented to them in motion pictures. Here’s how to do content marketing with the help of YouTube or Vimeo:

  • Make insightful videos about products/services.
  • Make reviews of products.
  • Webinars are the best way to engage customers.
  • Similarly, you can curate videos on informational topics in your niche.

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“A picture tells a thousand words”, the principal is very true in life. Therefore, we have seen infographics do wonders for businesses. Infographics is a content marketing practice in which information is presented in the form of visual or artwork. Infographics are very engaging and also very easy to understand. A single infographic can very easily sum up a 2000 word long paragraph. Also, it’s engagement rate is very high.

Here’s how to make your infographics viral?

Content marketing is all about spreading the information that users want to know about. Infographics just do the same in an artistic way.

  • With every blog you write, also make an infographic and embed it in the article.
  • Spread infographics on your social media channels.

Social media posts:

Social media is booming with qualified leads and potential customers for any kind of business. While social media marketing is a great way to reach potential customers and boost sales, content marketing via social media posts is the best free solution. All you have to do is create some powerful & shareable assets and post them on all your social channels. When creating social media posts remember the following points.

  • Share mindful, insightful and shareable content.
  • Create content that is original, unique and interesting for your audience.
  • Create social media posts for current events.
  • Share humor, funny and question type content.
  • Contests and games are also very engaging for social media users.

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You have enough of the clients and should rest back? Not really, in the current landscape of digital markets, you can’t lose any single platform/channel or strategy. Therefore, if you are thinking you are done, interviews are your next mission to conquer and generate some fine leads/sales. You can interview the influencers and known people in your niche to attract customers. This content marketing strategy also greatly helps in increasing brand awareness for any company.

Case Studies:

People want to learn from existing experiences, not only such people are avid enthusiasts about a particular topic, but also potential customers as well. Case Studies are the best content marketing tool one can use to attract such kind of audience.

A customer story on how your company or brand helped a particular product/service/brand achieve a milestone or become successful in a particular niche.

When writing case studies, come up with the most recent case study and provide facts & figures. You should include reviews and interviews of the client to help build trust in the case study you are presenting.

Also, the case study must solve some problems for the user. A solution to some real-life problem with you presenting a successful proof is the best way to nurture new clients & build trust.


Think of Ebook as a long piece of content that is published on a blog in a series. The only difference is that in the ebook it is presented in form of a digital book.

The chef secret, the same as other content types for content marketing remains the same for ebooks as well, quality content & offering a solution.

Depending upon the needs of your customers, offer something that can solve a common problem. You can also share insightful information that can offer some value for readers.

The Good & Bad SEO experiments is a free ebook by SERP Klicks. It features a number of SEO experiments by the company that were a success and some that went bad as well.


Are you optimizing for voice search? If not podcast is a content type for your content marketing strategy that can not only add diversity but help you optimize for voice search as well.

Podcasts are a very effective content type when offering valuable information to users. If you are already creating videos, creating podcasts is not an issue with tons of softwares for stripping the audio out of the video.

Webinars & live streams:

Hosting a webinar is a new way to engage with the audience in your niche. It is also massively cheaper when compared to hosting conferences & seminars.

Also, webinars & live streams help content creators to connect with influencers and searchers in their niche directly.

Face to face interaction with customers builds trust and tells customers that the person offering service is not hiding behind fancy but coming to the front.