How to start ecommerce business in Pakistan? Here’s the complete guide with multiple methods of starting ecommerce business with 0 investment.

Revealed by Dawood, the head of, Pakistan’s e-commerce industry is expected to achieve the milestone of $1 billion before 2020. This fact alone thrives you to start an e-commerce store right away. However, for anything to do in a better way, you need to adopt a proper procedure and find new and better ways. How to start an ecommerce business in Pakistan? The question is fairly short but requires a facts based answer. First of all let me tell you that, even though of heavy competition, you can still start an ecommerce store in Pakistan and make a number of sales. Now it gets us to a point to discuss whether setting up a store is necessary or not? So, let’s dive into it.

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Setting up an e-commerce business, do I need a website?

Well, there are two ways to start an e-commerce business in Pakistan. The first way is to vet products or niche & start selling as wholesaler or vendor on other platforms. These platforms include selling on Daraz, Yayvo, HomeShopping. You can also start selling on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The second way is to vet products, deploy a complete e-commerce store and start selling your products. In this way, Daraz, Yayvo, and HomeShopping are going to be your competitors. However, think of the growth you can have if you are able to crush these stores. Think big to achieve big.

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Should I choose to become the wholesaler?

In my personal experience, I will suggest you to not do that. Rather, go on one step and deploy your own shopping store. It not only builds credibility for you as an online seller but also helps you make a good profit and a branded impression. Don’t worry about competition in search engines, if you have SERP Klicks e-commerce SEO services, you’ll have sales.

What are the products that you should sell?

The next and very important step to consider is vetting a product that has the potential to sell in the Pakistani market. Most of the entrepreneurs make this mistake of following the giants. Rather, you should carefully research the market and come up with a product that is unique as well as also serves a purpose or solves an issue. Keep in mind these steps while vetting a product for your e-commerce business.

  • Make sure the audience is fairly broad.
  • Make sure the product offers a solution to a problem.
  • Make sure to set an attractive & competitive price.
  • Finding a unique product is better.

What kind of products sell better online?

Now, this is very important as selecting the target market is very important. According to stats, these are the products that sell mostly on leading e-commerce stores in Pakistan.

  • Smartphones
  • Electronic appliances
  • Mobile phone accessories, handsfree, headsets, & other mobile accessories
  • Fashion, clothes & clothing accessories
  • Makeup & cosmetic products for ladies

How to start ecommerce business in Pakistan with Daraz seller ship?

Another option for vendors or wholesalers is to get listed on Pakistan’s top shopping stores and start selling on their portals. Daraz is the largest shopping store in Pakistan with the most number of products. Luckily, you can start your shop on daraz for free of cost. Until you are making sales, you don’t have to pay daraz a penny. Rather, just need to pay a commission on the sale of your product.

However, there is not much profit you can earn selling on someone else’s store. Rather, set up your own store, hire an expert digital marketing agency in Pakistan such as SERP Klicks and we will win you all digital spots where your customers are.

The secret to a successful e-commerce business:

“Digital is the age, digital should be you”, the aim of SERP Klicks where we make top brands. Our years of research and experience has lead us to a secret where we can help our customers grow exponentially. And we are not afraid to share it with you too. The secret is “Remarketing”. Digital marketing is a not just setting up social profiles, having a website, a few backlinks and a lesser number of sales. Digital marketing is where you can make a serious impact on your business. Fortunately, for entrepreneurs who want to start ecommerce business in Pakistan, we have this expert guide. And those who have started and looking for growth, try our “Remarketing” secret and we won’t let you down. For those who don’t know SEO scope in Pakistan? Read this article with amazing facts & figures.