Home builders do not look for a beautiful place, they make the place beautiful with their effective marketing strategies.

If you are a homebuilder marketer, satisfying your customers is more challenging. For this, you must create a home that suits their needs; however, you can not achieve your goals without the perfect home builder marketing strategies.

As far as home builder marketing strategies are concerned, it would help if you put together a cohesive, effective plan, letting you reach your target clients without spending a fortune. The entire system should be strong enough to convince buyers, and it ultimately depends on your effective brand strategies. Your efforts will result in improved sales conversions, a better company reputation and consistent growth in client leads.

What are these marketing strategies? How can you develop a marketing campaign? How much should you spend on marketing? Scroll down and solve your queries! 

What Is Home Builder Marketing?

According to the National Association of Realtors report, there was a 20% increase in the housing market in 2020. So, what is home builder marketing?

The home builder marketing strategies include the company’s promotional activities, such as;  advertising campaigns, content marketing, networking, positive client testimonials, etc. Successful marketing results in new leads and increasing revenues through sales-oriented tactics. It positions your brand as professional and trustworthy compared to other leading companies/industries in real estate.

You should consider your target demographic and long-term goals for successful marketing. Moreover, you should identify short-term actions and strategies, letting you reach your target audience and achieve your goals and branding objectives over time.

Before proceeding to effective home builder marketing strategies, let’s look at their importance!

Importance of Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

Why are marketing strategies crucial for home builders? The reasons are;

  • In this busy world, people go online and use search engines (Google, etc.) to find businesses that provide them with the information they are looking for. 
  • They do not consider direct mail, commercials, billboards, etc., and visit several sites, searching for a specific product or service independently. 

So, if you want to be a part of this process, you will need to connect with people; this is impossible without efficient marketing. Let’s dive into it!

Effective Home Builder Marketing Strategies

Let’s explore effective home builder marketing strategies, letting you engage prospects, reach more customers, convert leads, and win more business goals.

  1. Optimize Your Website for Search

When you search for something on a search engine such as Google, dozens of calculations occur to find out which websites should appear in the results. To rank on the first page of a search engine, you should;

  • Optimize your site by implementing SEO tactics and using relevant keywords in your content. It will show Google that your site contains relevant content and will solve the user’s queries. 
  • Implement an off-page SEO strategy, which will increase your site’s credibility and help it rank well.
  • Enrich your site with valuable, informative content, a solid FAQ section, and glowing client testimonials, offering customer value and boosting engagement. 
  • Make your site simple, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly; also, add images and dancing options. 
  • Add a house listing feed and update it in real-time, helping potential buyers to know what homes are available. 

The higher you rank, the more clients/traffic you will get!

  1. Attract Prospects to Your Site

Attracting prospects to your site is one of the most challenging and expensive strategies for home builders. It is also called inbound marketing. You must do a lot of work to create the right traffic for your company. Its primary tactics include;

Secondary metrics include;

  • Cost per impression, total visits, cost per click. If you really don’t understand these metrics checkout our full guide on CVR In Digital Marketing

If you implement a successful inbound strategy, your marketing campaign will drive traffic to your home builder blog, website, or landing pages.

  1. Engage Visitors with Compelling Content and Visualization Tools

After getting prospective clients, you should gain their trust with compelling content and visualization tools. You must make your home builder site visually rich with attractive images, videos, etc.; otherwise, you will lose those buyers. So, update your site frequently and work consistently to improve the quality of home rendering and photos. Its primary metrics include the following;

  • Content Management System (CMS), photo galleries, virtual tours, videos, rendering services, social sharing, interactive floor plans, blog articles, custom favorites accounts, digital brochures, social media engagement, registration forms, and case studies. 

Secondary metrics include;

  • Total leads, marketing qualified leads, cost per lead, sales qualified leads, abandonment rate, bounce rate, and time on page.

Remove the barrier between you and your client with these tactics and take your business to greater heights. 

  1. Nurture Leads with Timely and Relevant Follow-Up

Once you gain the trust of your potential client, he will contact you. At this time, the speed of your response is critical. If you make him wait, he will opt for another real-estate option. For this, you must make a follow-up plan for all types of leads, including;

  • Email newsletter, drip campaigns, workflows, 1-1 follow-up, email marketing, online Sales Counselor (OSC) program, phone tracking, and live chat.

Secondary metrics include;

  • Response time, open rate, response rate, cost per appointment, appointments set, click through, and appointments kept.

This marketing strategy will help you to discuss various things with your customers, such as; innovations, new homes your company has built, the home construction industry, etc.

  1. Run Google Ads and Advertise On Facebook

Running paid advertisements on social media is a crucial part of custom home builder marketing. You must ensure that you have placed ads in locations where they can yield high returns. For this, run ads on;

  • Google: It will increase your visibility and is a surefire way to immediate exposure. This advertising method is known as “remarketing,” and it is highly effective as it keeps your company from being forgotten.
  • Facebook: It is an excellent venue for running targeted ads. It is a powerhouse for advertising and increases credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.
  1. List Your Business On Industry Lead-Gen Sites

Even if your site content is optimized for search engines, you should not only rely on organic search traffic to generate leads. You must spread your custom home builder marketing over different channels, including; HomeAdvisor, Zillow, Houzz, Thumbtack, Porch, and Angi.

People usually use these sites to find professional home builders, so ensure that you have listings on these sites, helping you connect with new clients.

  1. Close the Deal with a Great Digital Experience

The home builder industry relies on market demand to drive sales, so you must create better digital experiences for your customers. It will result in visualizing what their future home might look like. Its key metrics include;

Don’t only invest in online tools but also encourage your sales team to use them effectively. It will help you learn your client’s preferences and gain trust by incorporating them into your home demonstrations. Its primary tactics include;

  • 3D interactive tours, virtual meetings like FaceTime or Zoom, home & floor plan demonstrations, virtual design centers and reality, pricing tools, interactive floor plans, kiosks, and videos.

Secondary metrics include;

Cost per sale, workups, model and site tours, number of visits before contract, cancellation rate, contracts, and closings.

Apply these strategies, and they will increase your conversions!

  1. Delight Buyers During and After Construction

This strategy is not always part of home builder marketing; however, you should implement it if you want to create sales and referrals. You must develop the trust that you will fulfill your commitment regarding quality and delivery, so delight your customer with frequent updates.

Its primary tactics include;

  • Software for construction updates, map customer journeys, a home builder app, customer service and portal, a warranty program, incentives (gift cards, discounts, etc.), and builder survey platforms.

Secondary metrics include;

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction and effort scores.

This marketing strategy will let you sell more homes and make your client loyal to your company. He will refer your business to their family and friends, resulting in more leads.

  1. Launch a Review Strategy

Usually, people forget about reviewing their building experience as they do not understand how to do it or feel it is time-consuming. So, remove these barriers and create an automatic review collection system. 

Automating this process helps buyers remember to leave a review. After collection, you can distribute these reviews to your profiles on the web, making your company trustworthy. 

  1. Form Strategic Partnerships with Realtors

Realtors are some of the best lead-generation partners for custom home builders. It is because a realtor mostly encounters buyers who are looking for on the market. If a realtor is familiar with your business, he will recommend your company to that buyer.

How to Create a Home Builder Marketing Plan

Before implementing these homebuilder marketing strategies, you need to create a solid marketing plan. This plan will serve as an outline, helping you to know how to use specific tactics to reach your desired goals. The steps of the marketing plan include the following: 

  • Theme: Establish a central theme and bring together the different elements of your marketing strategy.
  • Demographic, value, and pricing: Define your target audience and determine a value proposition and pricing strategy to attract those people.
  • Channel and methods: Choose how you want to deliver your marketing message via digital marketing or traditional TV ads.
  • Partnerships and testimonials: Outline your plan and expand into new markets with networking and customer referrals. 
  • Budget: Make a budget for each element of your desired plan.

The Verdict

Implementing effective home builder marketing strategies requires little effort or practice; however, they drive traffic to your website quickly and affordably. These tactics, including a functional website, leveraging photorealistic renderings, stunning visualizations, etc., help you to survive and thrive in the competitive world. 

Successful home builder marketing helps you to create a strong online presence, reflecting your brand and generating more leads. Why wait? Implement them and take your business to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to make your business successful as a custom home builder, you will have to implement the following strategies;

  • Create an informative and valuable website.
  • Optimize your site for search.
  • Attract clients to your site.
  • Engage visitors with compelling content and stunning visualization.
  • Create relevant and timely follow-up plans.
  • Run paid advertisements and close the deal with a great digital experience.

Content Management Systems, photo galleries, virtual tours, videos, digital brochures, etc., enhance your site’s credibility and make it trustworthy. These successful home builder marketing tactics generate more leads and drive traffic to your site, making your business successful.

To promote your construction business;

  • Ensure your number is easy to find everywhere.
  • Set up informative blogs and Google ads.
  • Make your website helpful for your customers.
  • Follow up with past customers.
  • Create stunning video content.
  • Prioritize customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Partner with similar businesses for co-marketing campaigns.

What Is Construction Marketing?

Construction marketing is a series of promotional strategies that construction companies utilize to communicate with target audiences. They can use these strategies online, through radio, television, print materials, or in person within the community. Construction marketing helps construction companies to gain new projects, improve brand image, maintain customer relationships, increase customer retention, etc.