Online earning apps in Pakistan are becoming more & more popular everyday! The apps listed in this article can help you make upto Rs. 50,000 monthly!

It looks like online earning is becoming a new trend in Pakistan. Almost all entertainment and now social apps are now offering ways to earn money. Just quite recently Snack Video & TikTok launched earning features & tapped into the business as well.

Here in this listicle today we will go through, apps that are purely offering features to earn money. REMEMBER, all the apps that are listed here provide redeem through either jazz cash or easypaisa and are marked trusted or not by the author!

Top 10 best online earning apps in Pakistan:

Here we are starting off with the top of the list app. The ones that are marked trusted by the author and have payment proof, are encircled.

Top earning app in Pakistan D2 App - Trusted

My personally tested earning app & platform, i could easily recommend this to all of my readers. Therefore, i have kept it top of the list and have labeled it as the best online application for money earning.

There are several ways through which you can earn money on D2 app, all of these are explained below:

D2 Jeeto Trivia:

All of you must have watched, Jeeto Pakistan, it is the same game show content just everybody can play & win in D2 Jeeto Trivia. The game show format is very simple, you need to answer 10 easy questions & you can win a share in prize of each show.

D2 Jeeto Trivia airs twice a day, with prize money normally up to Rs. 20,000 each show


Another way to earn money on this application is with cashpoints. You can perform simple activities & can earn cashpoints which can be redeemed via EasyPaisa Cash, Deals & lifelines for Jeeto Trivia. 

Jeeto Naye Andaaz Say:

Another one of my personally tested money making apps, Jeeto Naye Andaaz Say is a very entertaining app.

The app is a trivia live gaming app where you can play online game show and earn money. Users can answer simple questions and on each of the question earn money.

The Trivia Game Format:

Every Jeeto Naye Andaaz Say users can join the show at 10pm. There is a host Rana Bobby & Jugan Kazim, who ask users very easy questions in a live stream.

Each user can answer the question and there are a total of 10 questions. To win the share of prize money a user has to answer all 10 questions and give correct answer of each question.

The prize of the game show is Rs. 20,000 daily. 

Cheetay Pop:

Another online trivia game show, which is getting popular in Pakistan is CheetayPOP. It let’s users join the live trivia and answer questions to win prize money.

The app has been offering very easy money earning options to Pakistani people. And also has given more 10 lakh rupees to a single user too.

The trivia game is very similar to D2 Jeeto Trivia & Jeeto Naye Andaaz Say.

The Game Format:

The game format for all the games is similar and you just have to answer 10 simple questions. All the questions do not need to be true, if you give a wrong answer for a question, you can use lifelines and remain in the game.

However, cannot user lifelines on 10th question.