Wondering how to earn money from TikTok in Pakistan in 2020? These 6 tips for making money on TikTok will make you rich, bonus tip is also there!

Do you see TikTok videos being shared on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube??

Well, it does tell us about the popularity of the platform, but there is one earning method in this too & it will help even if you do not have a lot of following on TikTok.

So now you know, what this article is all going to be, exploring the best & most profitable ways on how to earn money on tiktok.

Let’s get started:

Growing & selling accounts:

The best & the most easiest way people are making money on tiktok in Pakistan is by growing and selling accounts.

You know how easy it is to create content for TikTok. And the best part is how early and overnight people get success and go viral on tiktok.

It is just about the right type of content to create in any particular niche that you wish for. But remember, content should be interesting and has the ability to go viral.

When you have just the right amount of followers and likes, you can list your tiktok account for sale.

Just like people used to sell instagram accounts, however, growing a tiktok account is a lot easier and people love to watch short form videos.

People are already doing, who don’t even have their own product but they create an account based on specific niche, grow it a little and then reach out to brands to sell their channel

Reaching out to brands and people looking to buy tiktok accounts is also easy as there are a lot of facebook groups where you can list your channel and sell it very easily.

Be an influencer:

Another very profitable way of making money from tiktok is by becoming and influencer. You see brands are already moving towards TikTok.

Haier, Infinix, Tecno, you all see their ads and challenges on TikTok nowadays. Not only these brands are using TikTok ads platform to get the viewership but reaching out to popular tiktokers who can give them the right exposure.
The case is very easy here!!! All you need to focus on is growing your niche based tiktok account.

When you have enough followers and engagement on your videos, brands and companies will themselves contact you for endorsements & give a shout out to their product.

Here’s a pro tip when negotiating about the price, be more swift in the packages you offer and do not just agree on any money.

Get to know the product and the brand,so that it looks natural when you endorse the brand.

How to earn money from TikTok in Pakistan using coins:

TikTok has another special but less heard feature called coins. It works just like Twitch. The feature is available on accounts having more than 1000 followers, so if you do not have 1000 followers, you won’t see it.

But, how difficult it is to get 1000 followers on TikTok right?

Here’s the thing about coins, any TikTok user can go into profile and buy coins. 100 coins cost $1.39 which is 229 PKR.

What you can do with these coins is, you can send these coins to someone as a token of thanks for good content when they go live.

On the other hand, the person receiving coins (You or Creator) can convert these coins collected from the fan base into diamonds.

These diamonds can then be redeemed into cash. The cash can be redeemed via Paypal.

TikTok Challenges:

It has been seen lately that many popular brands like Infinix and Haier are using TikTok to send gifts to certain users.

Now these certain users can only be TikTokers who perform a certain challenge that a company has started.

So, you can take part in TikTok Challenges and win amazing gift items.

Bonus Tip:
TikTok challenges are a great way for newbies to get more followers and also newbies have a higher chance in getting challenges because leading TikTok influencers won’t make a video unless paid.
So, you can leverage these challenges to grow your fan base even if you don’t win the challenge.

Ads platform:

So, you have a product than can sell very easy on TikTok. But, you want to get segmented users fast???

TikTok Ads platform is the tool to get hands on.

If you are a marketer:

Like Google & Facebook ads brands will like to reach the targeted audience. If you are a marketer already familiar with how social media ad platforms work.

You can offer your services as TikTok ads agency  in Pakistan or as a freelancer and earn money from TikTok without having to go viral.

Get your own product:

Are you already a TikToker with a handsome amount of brand endorsements in your pocket? But, want to make more money on TikTok, here is how you can do it.

Whatever, niche you are famous in, get a product specially for that niche and you can sell it just like as you do for the brands.

But this time, you can control much more than before. Set your own price, sell more products. Introduce a whole lineup of products and more.