Working professionally in the field of SEO without a proper SEO tool is a nightmare. Tool like SEMRUSH make optimizers life too easy and play a great role in getting those crucial rankings. However, choosing one from hundreds of thousands of SEO tools available on internet is not easy. If you are looking for SEMRUsh alternatives, here we have the list of 10 semrush alternatives you will need in 2023.

Paid semrush alternatives:


Ahref - best paid semrush alternative

One of the best alternatives for semrush is Ahref. Although it is paid SEO tool, however the number of services & quality features it has makes it one of the best tools in the industry. Both SEMRUSH & Ahref are the biggest competitors and are always looking to grasp more share of the market.

Here are some of the cool features of Ahref that make it the best tool in SEO world.

  1. Site Explorer:

One of the best tools you will find on internet to do some organic, backlink and paid traffic research on your competitors. Name it and you have it with Ahref’s site explorer tool.

  1. Keywords explorer

As is obvious for its name, Ahref’s provides a valuable tool to find relevant, high search, keywords to target on your webpages. You can also find competitors keywords & top pages ranking on specific keywords.

  1. Site Audit:

The best SEO site audit tool I have found on internet uptill now is provided by Ahref. There is only this tool that can compete with Semrush’s site audit tool. The tool provides all necessary features you might want to look into while doing SEO audits.

  1. Rank Tracker:

Rank Tracker keeps you updated about your keywords rankings & notifies as soon as possible. Moreover, you can also spy on competitor rankings with rank tracker.

  1. Content Explorer:

Content marketing is todays most successful growth strategy, however there are certain content marketing types in 2020 you need to work on. Wanna know what’s trending on the internet? Ahref has content explorer for you to find the latest trending articles & posts. You can research topics that are getting the most organic traffic, or that have most referring domains etc.


Ahref - best paid semrush alternative

Another great tool for SEOs is Moz, you must have heard the name even if you are 1% into Search Engine Optimization. Moz is a tool that offers everything under one roof like Semursh & Ahref. It is ranked among one of the best SEO tools in 2020.

Here are the cool features you can get with Moz subscription:

  1. Site Audit:

Have you ever heard of Domain Authority or Page Authority? Well, these are two metrics provided by Moz to every website. Moz provides a great site audit tool to find out potential improvements, issues, and fixes for any website. Moreover, with Moz’s tool you can also dig into your competitors to find out useful information about their SEO strategy.

  1. Rank Tracking:

Rank tracking is another very important yet daunting task if you do not have any automated rank tracker with you. Tracking positions of your keywords daily & weekly is not easy unless you resort to some automated help and here is where Moz’s rank tracking tool comes to your help.

  1. Keyword research:

In search engine optimization, everything starts with finding out the user intent and what keywords they are searching on the search engines, Moz being one of the best semrush alternatives offers keywords research tool where you can research keywords and find metrics such as difficulty score, do competitor research & SERP analysis.

  1. Backlink analysis:

Moz has a number of webcrawlers that crawl the internet to find suitable information. Moz’s link index is really helpful when you find to out recent, new, lost & deleted backlinks for your or your competitors domain.

Majestic SEO:

The best in the business for backlinks, Majestic SEO is one of the best Semrush alternative when it comes to backlinks research. It offers the largest database of links you can utilize for search engine optimization of your & client websites.

Although, Majestic offers the best link building resources & tools sets, its features are not limited to just this. The tool offers all necessary features that are needed for modern world enterprise SEO tool.

  • Keyword research tool

The keyword research tool is the most necessary in today’s marketing world. As it lays the foundation step of a successful SEO campaign, it is the most crucial to have an SEO tool that provides a great tool for keywords research. Majestic engineers have developed over time a great tool to offer a great solution.

  • Site Explorer:

Like every other tools, Majestic offers webmasters with a site explorer that can help in SEO audits. Majestic site explorer offers a great toolset to uncover glitches in websites & unocovering potential risks that might lead to search engine penalty.

  • Rank Tracker

Another need of the hour for everyone is to track how the campaign is going on. Which is only possible with a rank tracking tool that can give highly accurate data about search engine position. Majestic rank tracker is a full package alternate tool like semrush, that offers the same.

Screaming Frog – Best SEMRUSH alternative for on-page SEO audit:

If it is on-page SEO audit that you want to perform, there is no better tool than Screaming Frog that can deliver the results. The tool features a great set of handful features that make website audits super easy job to do.

It is equipped with algorithms that highlights the best in website & the cons that might hurt its organic position on the SERP. Screaming Frog can be used as a desktop software and offers ultimate features to make improvements in on-page optimization.

Free SEO tools like Semrush:

UberSuggest – best free alternative to Semrush for Keyword research:

If you are looking for a free keywords research tool that is an alternative to Semrush, the one that qualifies the metric after Google Keyword Planner is UberSuggest. The tool offers a great set of features to conduct keyword research in almost every niche.

The tool returns great prospects to find related keywords, suggestion based on current keyword, questions related to the query that people are searching over the internet.

Other than these crucial metrics the tool also provides insights about CPC, Paid Difficulty & SEO difficulty for the given keyword.

UberSuggest also offers a content explorer that helps you find out latest & trending content on the given keyword.

SpyFu – Free Competitor Research:

Although SpyFu is a paid tool just like semrush, it has a free version that offers a limited number of features for free for a limited data set. You can do keyword research on SpyFu as well, but the very useful feature you can use in free version is the competitor research tool that allows to find keywords that your competitors are ranking from.

Also, Spyfu, helps to find out the most important backlinks of your competitors. Although, the free version only shows a very little amount of data, as a starter you can definitely count on this tool for free, for better results you can always buy the paid version.

Siteliner – Technical SEO or duplicate content tool:

Being technically strong is the backbone of higher search engine rankings in SEO of today. Siteliner is a free SEO tool like semrush that allows you to run deep technical SEO audits on your website.

It lets you find duplicate content on your webpages. But, also, it helps to identify issues such as content cannibalization, keyword cannibalization, thing content & broken links on your website.

SEO Minion:

SEO minion is another tool with great features for search engine optimizers. The tool offers both free and paid subscription. The main features that were discovered in SERP Klick’s review of SEO minion were:

  • On-page SEO checker
  • Backlink Checker
  • Href-lang checker
  • SERP Overview tool