Brand positioning refers to how the particular brand achieves its distinguished place than competitors in minds of customers.

Brand positioning is important for variety of reasons, here we will discuss them all.

What is brand positioning?

If you have a toddler in your house, do you ask for diapers or do you ask for “Pampers”? Similarly if you somehow hurt yourself, do you ask for a bandage or a “Sunny-Plast”?

Or how does Apple sell expensive mobile phones when there are cheaper alternatives? (Explained later in the article)

Now many of us will understand the concept of brand positioning! Many top companies who have a very strong brand positioning have already got their names being used as generic terms for products.


Brand positioning is the process of building a unique value proposition in your customers mind that he/she can use to distinguish the product from competitors.

Having a strongly positioned brand also helps, customers recall the brand when they see an advertisement or some piece of content.

7 reasons why brand positioning is important!

Competitor differentiation:

The biggest benefit brand positioning offers any company/product or firm is a distinguished place in all of the competitors.

Having a successful brand position helps you attain a specific perception in customers mind that he will remember forever about the brand.

This distinguishing factors helps companies invite more customers, generate more sales & increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Take control of user perception:

Whether you do it or not, there is always going to be a perception about your company/product in consumers mind. Brand positioning in very simple terms, lets you take control of that perception.

Also, brand positioning helps users understand a bit more about the product/service/firm or company.

By taking control of what people should understand when they hear about a company is the finest achievement for any firm.

Increase brand awareness:

Increasing brand awareness in ever competitive niche is a very difficult task.

Consumers just cannot focus on your brand as they are being bombarded by different kind of marketing material. Having a strong brand position could justify the value the brand has to offer. Thus, helping increase brand awareness for any company.

Therefore, brand positioning is important for just for being know but to reach more people and help them understand the service/company better.

Have a look at the current digital marketing trends & couple your brand position with it to create an effective content promotional plan to market your business.

Communicate brand value:

Having a clear brand position helps you easily communicate the value that the brand has to offer to its customers.

Having said so, brand positioning is also important as it lets consumers very easily understand what level of satisfaction can they expect.

Brand positioning also drives brand loyalty and is very important for diving into digital marketing activities or as a matter of fact any marketing activity.

Justify pricing:

Imagine for a moment, that Apple was not known for its high end mobile devices, will it be able to justify the price tag?

Simply no!

But, with a brand position where it says we are a high end futuristic mobile technology company, Apple is able to justify its price & thus enjoys a valuable market share even though its phones are relatively expensive than competitors.

But how can small businesses leverage the idea of brand positioning?

Here’s an example for window cleaning business marketing, show your age old clients for whom you’ve installed windows, ask them to share their experience & work quality you’ve provided. If you are offering some extra FOC services that will just add to the value. Now use such content to make create a brand position that says you’re the most qualified & quality focus window cleaning business in the area.

This way, not only you would be able to market your window cleaning business easily, but also can sell your services on high price points.

Makes messaging easy:

Among other benefits of brand positioning, another is that it helps easily convey a messaging to the consumers.

Being creative is too vague if you do not know, what message do you want to convey to the consumers.

When you have an established brand position, it helps to easily curate the messaging & creative a user might want to consume from the brand.

Brand position is the most important component of your marketing strategy, therefore having it right is most important. Although, you should know ifs and buts of brand position, letting an experienced digital marketing consultant to do it for you is the best choice.

This way, you not only can have a different perspective but also save time & focus more on providing the value to the clients.