Full disclaimer. I’ve been using Mangools for close to 2 years now. So, i can claim Mangools Review to be qualified.

After using Ahrefs (too expensive), SEM Rush (hard to use), and SEO Powersuite (yikes), it’s the best I’ve used so far.


You get all the necessary tools in one place. But you pay less than half the price.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 reasons to go with Mangools.

1. It’s Inexpensive:

SEO is expensive. That’s why I like to hunt for the best deals. You can easily dish out a hundred dollars monthly for some SEO tools.

But Mangools takes a different approach. Without a heavy price tag, you get a heck of a lot to work with. You essentially get 5 tools in 1.

But the best part is: It doesn’t hurt your wallet. Look at the pricing below. Can you find any other SEO package that packs this much punch and is as affordable as Mangools?

2. A Swiss Army Knife:

Mangools gives you a solid foundation of 5 SEO tools.

KW Finder – Find keywords and how competitive it is to rank for them.

Link Miner – Build backlinks by searching through a 9+ trillion database.

SERP Watcher – Track your SERP rankings in Google by monitoring specific keywords.

SERP Checker – Spot-check search results with more than 50,000 locations.

Site Profiler – Get insights on domain authority and other site metrics.

Like a Swiss Army Knife, it delivers a multitude of SEO tools that you can pull out of your back pocket.

3. Best keyword finder in the game

In case you’re not familiar, KW Finder is a part of Mangools. The idea is that you type in a keyword, then it returns a diverse set of other opportunities for blog posts.

Not only keywords, but it also gives you the search volume for how many people enter that keyword in Google. But in addition, it also indicates keyword difficulty with a score out of 100.

Put simply. KW Finder is the best in the game. It’s hard to find another SEO tool that matches it. Give it a test drive right now if you don’t believe me.

4. Build backlinks

Harness the power of Link Miner. Type in a domain and it builds a comprehensive list of all backlinks for that website.

I don’t think it’s perfect. Here are some of the issues with Link Miner:

  • It doesn’t find all the backlinks. It’s not a replacement for Ahrefs and people like myself are OK with not spending over $100 for it. But it’s still pretty solid with 9+ trillion backed by Majestic’s database of 9+ trillion records.
  • New backlinks are actually old. When you filter just “new backlinks”, some can be more than 5 years old! This is a bit of a problem and the timestamp associated with Majestic backlinks seems to be off a touch.
  • Lost links are actually not lost at all. It’s the same story for “lost links”. When I click the lost link, I still have a backlink.

So overall, backlink results are great. Not excellent. This tool needs a bit of work for tracking “new backlinks” and “lost backlinks”.

5. Auto-scrolling and exporting

Ever need help finding the missing backlink? Fear no more. Auto-scroll is here!

When you run a search in Link Miner, it auto scrolls to find it in your dashboard. This doesn’t always work. But it works more than half the time.

If you don’t want to work directly in Link Miner, you can also export your backlink results out of Link Miner. That way, you can just open it up in Excel or Google Sheets and make it your own.

6. Local SERP

Have you noticed the trend of how specific SERP results have changed locally over time? This is Google’s effort to provide relevant search results.

SERP Checker allows users to spot-check search results locally. Instead of thinking at a macro level, you can fine-tune how search results display on a country or city basis.

If you want to see search results on desktop or mobile devices, Mangools also has this option as well.

7. It has a super slick dashboard

I personally like Mangools’ dashboard. It’s intuitive and easy to get a hang of. It removes the unnecessary glut common in SEO tools.

When you run out of credits, you’ll see a spilled drink of what appears to be Mango juice.

Upon startup, you can enter any of its 5 SEO tools. It’s in the dashboard where you find your quotas for each tool.

Unlike other reviews, I think the integration between apps is quite seamless. For example, when you click a website in Link Miner, you can find its SEO metrics with Site Profiler.

Especially when you’re just starting out, there is no better tool than Mangools suite of SEO tools.

8. Track keywords

SERP will be all over the place in 2022. Google is expected to really shake things up by putting SERP results all over the map.

Despite the fluctuations, keyword tracking is still a good practice. Not only can you gauge your success, but you can target alternate keywords with tools like KWFinder.

SERP Watcher is Mangools keyword tracker tool. Enter in a keyword. Then, watch your rank go up and down daily. It provides estimated traffic based on your rank and keywords, which can be inaccurate for the most part.

9. SEO metrics

If you’re looking at building backlinks, you’ll definitely want to prioritize which ones you want to reach out to. And the best way to do this is by checking the SEO metrics of your backlink opportunities.

Here are some of the top factors to look out for that you can scan through in the Site Profiler:

  • Domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) developed by Moz
  • Citation flow (CF) and trust flow (TF) by Majestic
  • Alexa rank (AR) for website popularity by Amazon

10. Best value for your money

For smaller websites, Mangools gives you the most bang for your buck. For what you pay, you get a strong set of tools.

It’s the Jack of all trades for SEO tools and perfect for beginners. Even when you start to grow out of it, KWFinder is the most comprehensive keyword research tool for websites of any size.

Also important to note – I’ve found customer service to be very friendly. I’ve had a couple of questions and they were very quick to respond.

Summary: Mangools review

Well, that’s our review of the impressive suite of SEO tools by Mangools. Its biggest features are:

  • Competitive pricing – Show me another SEO tool that gives you this much for the price.
  • KW Finder – You get the top keyword finder in the same right at your fingertips.
  • Majestic’s backlinks – Mangools leverages an enormous 9+ trillion backlink database to serve you best.
  • Keyword tracking – Keep track of keywords for how they rank over time and segment them into different groupings.

Mangools has been around since 2014 and the future looks bright. Is Mangools the best value for your money? We think it is!

Have you ever tried it? Please let us know and hit us with a comment below. If you’re interested in learning more about online business and technologies, check out these digital marketing courses to get started.

Mangools Review – KWFinder: Best Keyword Tool in the Game

KWFinder is a keyword tool that is part of Mangools.

It’s a specialist in not only finding long-tail keywords, but it returns untapped lateral keyword suggestions.

Put simply. KWFinder is the best in the game without any other SEO tool matching it.

Don’t believe me?

Then, give KWFinder a test drive right now in the search box above.

How KW Finder works

The idea behind KW Finder is that you can find keyword opportunities in two ways:

  • By keyword – Enter a keyword, then it returns a diverse set of other suggestions for writing blog posts.
  • By domain – Type in a domain, then it returns keyword opportunities based on that domain.

But it doesn’t only deliver keyword opportunities. It also returns the volume for how many people search for that keyword. Besides that, it also grades how difficult it is to rank for the keyword.

KW Finder Lateral Keywords

I want to show you how unique KW Finder is when it comes to keyword research. Let’s run a search for “superman” and see what it returns for keyword suggestions.

Most keyword tools will just add a bunch of extra words to make long-tail keywords. But KW Finder is a bit different. You get lateral keywords like:

  • Clark Kent
  • Man of Steel
  • Brandon Routh

All these keywords are related to the initial search. But they vary from the main topic creating unique opportunities.

KW Finder Volume and Difficulty

When you search for a keyword, you don’t only get hundreds of suggestions. But you also get the following:

  • Search volume – How many people search for this term monthly in Google.
  • Keyword difficulty – Given the current websites in the search results page, how difficult it would be to rank for this keyword.

Using these SERP metrics, you can better assess if it’s worth your time to pursue a keyword and create a blog post to compete in Google’s SERP.

For example, ranking for “superman” has a high difficulty rating. This keyword also has an estimated search volume of 388,000 monthly searches.

Time to take the training wheels off

Keyword research still is a valuable practice for SEO.

And there’s no better way than to use KW Finder, the leading keyword tool in the game.

Overall, KW Finder is one of the best keyword tools that exist today.

If you want to try it out for free, give it a try now

Mangools Review – LinkMiner: Build Backlinks on a Budget

LinkMiner is a backlink-building SEO tool part of Mangools.

It boasts an enormous 9+ trillion backlink database leveraging the power of Majestic.

We’ve given it a test drive.

How good is it? And is it worth the money?

Read more to find out.

Harness the Power of LinkMiner

The idea behind LinkMiner is that you get a comprehensive list of all backlinks for any domain. Then, you can match any competitors’ success through outreach and link building.

LinkMiner doesn’t build a list of backlinks on its own. Instead, it leverages the very powerful (and growing) Majestic database.

The fact that it uses a trusted to like Majestic is actually a good thing. This is because Majestic’s main focus is only on backlinks. They don’t do anything else but this!

According to several studies, Majestic’s collection of backlinks is very similar to Ahrefs. But it loses out on the freshness of backlinks.

An intuitive interface for collecting backlinks

When you use LinkMiner, the backlinks appear as a long list ordered by link strength. This way, you know the backlinks with higher authority are at the top of the list.

But you can also sort by citation flow, trust flow, Facebook shares, or Alexa Rank. Here is what it looks like after you enter a search:

LinkMiner has useful features to make the process of building your backlink profile less time-consuming.

For example:

  • Auto-scroll – If you ever need help finding a backlink, it automatically scrolls to the backlink. Although this feature doesn’t always work, it usually works more than half the time.
  • Backlink exporter – If you don’t want to work directly in Link Miner, you can also export your backlink results out of Link Miner. That way, you can just open it up in Excel or Google Sheets and make it your own.

Getting nit-picky

I don’t think LinkMiner is perfect and that it’s not without its flaws.

Here are the three biggest complaints I have using LinkMiner:

  • It doesn’t find all the newest backlinks. It doesn’t replace Ahrefs for backlink freshness. But it’s still pretty solid.
  • You can filter to just “new backlinks”. But new backlinks are actually old. This is a bit of a problem. In fact, some are more than 5 years old!
  • It’s the same story for “lost links”. Lost links are actually not lost at all. When I click the lost link, I still have a backlink.

Despite these minor flaws, backlink results are great. Not excellent. But great. For individuals or smaller companies, this is the perfect affordable option for obtaining backlinks on a budget.

Affordability is key

Get this. Majestic’s starter plan is 10$ more expensive per month than Mangools premium plan.

Not only can you leverage Majestic’s 9+ trillion backlink database (albeit a lower quota), but you can still use Mangools 4 other tools.

So it’s a bit of a no-brainer if you’re just deciding between the two.

My final thought:

Sure. Link Miner isn’t a grand slam. But it’s an out-of-the-park homerun for affordability.

Link quantity is solid. But it has a couple of issues with reporting very fresh backlinks and lost backlinks.

SERPWatcher by Mangools: Track Google Rankings

SERPWatcher is a tool developed by Mangools that tracks your rankings in Google.

By setting specific keywords in SERPWatcher, you can monitor how your rankings fluctuate on a daily basis.

It also provides estimated traffic based on how your rank jumps or drops for specific keywords.

Let’s go for a bit of a deep dive into SERP Watcher.

The Anatomy of SERPWatcher

When you start working with SERPWatcher, you have to set three main items before you can start monitoring your rankings:

  • Domain – This is the website that you want to monitor.
  • Keywords – A list of keywords that you want to track for that website.
  • Device – The rankings that show on desktop or mobile devices.

SERPWatcher also includes an estimated traffic volume based on current rankings. But don’t get too excited because I didn’t find it correlated too well with actual traffic from Google Analytics.

Here’s an example of National Geographic in SERP Watcher. I’ve added some potential keywords they might consider monitoring.

Why track keywords?

One of the major challenges of SEO is how Google tweaks its algorithm. And buckle up this year… Because it’s expected SERP will be all over the place as Google shakes things up.

Fortunately, you can track these swings in rankings with a tool like SERP Watcher. By gauging your success and failure in SERP, you can alter your SEO strategy by the following:

  • Search intent – Are you fulfilling the searcher’s intent with your articles? If you drop in ranking, check how competitors are achieving it and mimic their success.
  • Alternative keywords – If you’re not satisfying search intent, then it’s time to repurpose the article. Focus on what the reader needs for each keyword.

Over time, your website rankings climb up or drop like a rock in Google search. If it goes up, it’s pure joy and happiness. But when they drop, it’s when you realize this tool should have come with a bottle of antacid.

But take it with a grain of salt because search results are changing all the time. It’s dynamic with a range of factors influencing where your website will land with volatility at all-time highs.

The final word

When all the dust settles, I wouldn’t put too much focus on monitoring keyword rankings.

Sure, they’re good to know. But I’d rather put more effort into tools like Link Miner which helps you find backlink opportunities.

Besides link building, you’d be better off finding more untapped keywords to write about with KW Finder.

That’s how we see it. What do you think? Do you monitor your rankings in Google using SERP Watcher?

Please let us know with a comment below. And don’t forget to give Mangools SERP Watcher today

SiteProfiler by Mangools: A Tool for SEO Metrics

SiteProfiler by Mangools is an SEO tool for checking the metrics of any website or domain.

It gives you the opportunity to look at the domain authority, citation flow, and Alexa rank. This makes this SEO tool ideal for summarizing the strength of a website.

If you’re interested in learning what these metrics are, a full list of the available metrics is directly below.

Let’s dive into our review SiteProfiler. This is just one of many SEO tools under the Mangools umbrella.

Which SEO metrics are available in SiteProfiler?

When you run a search on SiteProfiler, it will return a list of attributes for that particular website. The primary metrics that will display in your dashboard are:

  • Domain authority (DA) developed by Moz – A predicting score out of 100 on how well a domain will rank based on the number of incoming total links and root domains.
  • Page authority (PA) developed by Moz – A predicting score out of 100 on how well a page will rank based on incoming links and other scoring factors.
  • Citation flow (CF) developed by Majestic – A score out of 100 based on the number of links pointing to a website.
  • Trust flow (TF) developed by Majestic – A score out of 100 based on the quality of links pointing to a website.
  • Alexa rank (AR) for website popularity by Amazon – A rank for the popularity of a website based on the number of visitors to that domain.
  • Referring IPs developed by Majestic – The number of referring websites to a specific domain.
  • Facebook Shares – The number of shares as determined through the Facebook API.

For example, here are some of the metrics that you will see in Mangools SiteProfiler when you type in a website URL.

In this example, we’ve used the SEO tool for the popular magazine, National Geographic. As you can see, it’s close to one of the top 2000 domains according to Alexa.

Backlink Profile and Competitors

You also get a preview of how backlinks are trending for your domain. Here is an example of National Geographic and how its website’s backlink profile has steadily increased over time.

You can also extract a list of some of the top referrers to your website. By default, SiteProfiler orders backlinks by the highest Alexa Rank.

But you can also sort by citation flow or trust flow. Also, you can export them as a CSV or by copying them for Excel or Google Sheets.

Finally, you can check how you stack up against some of your top competitors.

It not only compares how many keywords you share, but it also takes into account Alexa Rank and the number of referring IPs.

Why use SiteProfiler?

If you’re looking at building backlinks, you’ll want to prioritize which ones you want to reach out to. And the best way to do this is by checking the metrics of your backlink opportunities.

You’ll want to target top-quality backlinks with a higher page or domain authority. By using tools like LinkMiner, you can extract backlink opportunities to reach out to.

Higher-quality websites will provide more juice to boost your rankings. But these backlinks usually are harder to obtain. Remember the goal is to focus on quality over quantity says.

Have you ever tried out SiteProfiler? It’s a great complimentary app with KWFinder or SERPWatcher in Mangools. Please let us know your thoughts with a comment below.