Being online solves a lot of problems for everyone. Be it earning money or connecting with friends, internet solves everything. Later in this article i will share with you 5 best ways to earn money online in Pakistan by typing.

Before, we look further into earning money by typing, if you are on TikTok, here’s how you can earn money from TikTok.

How to earn money online in Pakistan by typing?

Listing below, i will be sharing with you the best ways & websites on which you can do typing work to earn some quick money.

5. Data Entry

The simplest and most easiest way to earn money online in Pakistan by typing is with doing data entry jobs. Why, this is the simplest way is that you are provided with the data most of time in hard copy, which needs to be translated in soft copy.

There is no additional hard work required, and you can simply type the data in any of the software’s provided by the employer.

Most of the times, companies require you to fill different forms by providing the raw data.

Where to find online typing jobs – Data Entry:

Although there are many websites in Pakistan that offer data entry jobs, but i will recommend here only those that are payment verified.


All three of these websites provide payment protection to freelancers working as data entry.

Also, you can find jobs for data entry on social groups such as Facebook, but before, proceeding to working with anyone there, always ask group members for a review of the person.

4. Essay & dissertation writing services:

Do you have a strong grip on any educational subject? You can earn money online in Pakistan by typing essays & offering dissertation writing services for students.

A lot of students in Pakistan often look for essays & dissertation writing services as they do not have either time or they lack the subject understanding by need to clear the subject. So, the solution for them is to hire someone who can type essays or dissertations on their behalf.

If you have a strong grip on any such subject you can find such students very easily via social groups or by becoming part time employee for some dissertation writing company.

Where to find online essay & dissertation typing jobs:

If you have a strong grip on any such subject you can find such students very easily via social groups or by becoming part time employee for some dissertation writing company.

  1. Social Groups on Facebook.
  2. Offering services on freelancing websites.
  3. Working as part time employee with dissertation writing companies.

3. Transcription services:

As the scope of digital is growing in Pakistan, so are the ways to earn a living from digital. Transcription services are another very good & highly rewarding online typing job that can get you quick money. However, the rule of great services & quality content also applies here as rest of the jobs.

Transcription services are however easier & require Copy Writing as the basic skill for anyone to earn a living by offering transcription services.

Where can you get transcription jobs?

Most like other jobs, you can find transcription jobs on any popular freelancer website. However, you can also use your connections to expand the scope of clients.

Also, social groups & LinkedIn profile can also be a good way to attract new clients.

2. Writing content for websites that pay:

Many only blogs and website offer content writers & copy writers rewards for writing. SERP Klicks also offers money to users who want to write as a guest authors for our blog.

Similarly you can find a lot of blogs & websites that pay handsome amount of money for writing content as guest authors.

To get a list of those website, email us at with subject “Paid Guest Author Request”.

Do not forget to attach you published links & samples pieces of content.

1. Working as freelance content writer:

Freelance content writing market is booming. Freelancer platforms like Fiverr, Upwork are the best platforms for skilled writers to get new clients for the best prices.

Also, you can work as freelance content writer for local companies could be a great online typing jobs to earn handsome amount of money.

SERP Klicks is also a content writing service in Pakistan, Lahore, where you can apply as a freelance content writer & earn money with your writing skills.